Chill Out with these Frozen Treats

Cool off with the latest frozen treats.


Fruit- the genius of nature. The amazing rainbow of different colored foods relate to the amazing array of  nutrients within them, and whilst fresh fruits and vegetables are great in season, frozen ones are convenient to keep on hand and just as nutritious and a great way to eat your water.


–          2 cups of fine chopped fruit (think mango, pineapple, blueberries or strawberries)
–          12 mint leaves
–          Half a lime

Fill an ice cube tray with the fruit then add a mint leaf and a squeeze of lime into each compartment. Top with water and pop it into the freezer until solid.   Toss a cube or two into your next drink of water and turn it into a beauty, fruity delight.


–          Two large slices of watermelon (rindless and chopped into chunks)
–          Juice of half a lime
–          4 ice cubes

Place the watermelon chunks, lime and ice into a blender and mix until smooth. You can make this with any ripe fruit that you like – just add more ice if your fruit has a lower water content to give it some substance . Refreshingly playful addition to any afternoon in the sun



–          10 grapes
–          5 strawberries cut in half
–          10 raspberries

Peel, core, remove the pips or simply chop your favourite fruits (and veg!) into small bite-sized pieces. Berries and other small fruits can be left whole. Freeze all the fruits in a freezer bag or container  – this may reduce “freezer burn”.  When you reach for a piece, really take the time to properly taste the fruit and be very present in the moment.  Try making each piece of fruit last 2 minutes in your mouth.  Take notice of the texture, flavor and the change in texture as it melts. Breath-in, and breathe-out and  mindfully enjoy each moment . Slowing  down your breathing, helps you take a moment for yourself and creates space between you and whatever thoughts crowd you . Mindfully let any troubles literally melt away, open your eyes and smile.


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  1. Lily

    Not many know that water doesn’t mean we have to drink it as water only. For those who aren’t able to drink the adequate water requirement trying interesting recipes like this is a great way to meet the daily requirement. I usually add cumin, or other fragrant and healthy roots at times to my water to make it interesting.

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