A Healthy City

A Healthy City

How healthy can a city really be?

Who doesn’t love an article of best places to live?  Or really any list – there’s a part of you that’s looking purely to see if the city that you live in (or frequent) has made the cut. Dr. Murad recently came across an article 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Your Skin and prompted him to think about the healthiest cities in the world.

So what truly is a healthy city? It’s a metropolitan that makes it easy for its residents to have a healthy lifestyle and that includes quality health care, preventive medicine and reducing air pollution. Here are three cities that have worked to create laws and policies where locals can easily access parks, healthy food and public transportation. Prepare to pick up a tip or two.

NYC might not be what first comes to mind, but the city’s initiative to ban smoking has made a significance difference in quality of life for New Yorkers. There’s been a smoking ban since 2012 and it shows: A survey by the city’s health department found that from 2002 to 2012, the number of adult residents who reported smoking declined by 28%.

Ranked as one of the most efficient systems on the planet, the city-state’s public health-care program is used by 80% of residents. Their secret to high quality healthcare for less? The government requires all citizens to participate in a health savings program and resides receive subsidies based on income level.

This city goes way beyond creating delicious wine – it inspires healthy living via community outreach. The city has a small town feel and a community that knows the importance of social events like cooking classes to hula-hooping groups. Definitely a place that knows the importance of fun.

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