Rapid Collagen Infusion by Murad

Adventures in Product Development: Rapid Collagen Infusion

By Jeff Murad, VP of Product Development

Collagen is one of the most important elements of healthy skin. In fact, the gradual decline of our bodies’ natural collagen is one of the main factors of what we see and feel as aging. Lower levels of collagen in the dermis appear as thinner, sagging skin and wrinkles. But collagen is an important building block throughout our bodies, from our blood vessels to our tendons. The effects of its decline in our skin are just the visible manifestation. Often when people say they feel “old” they are referring to the internal effects of collagen loss.

For these reasons, collagen is a big buzzword in the anti-aging industry. Unfortunately, it is generally not much more than that because it is very difficult for the body to utilize collagen that it does not create. The oral collagen in supplements or drinks is broken down in your digestive tract and never gets a chance to supplement the body’s lost collagen. Topically applied collagen is also often less than hoped for. The collagen protein is simply too large to penetrate into the skin, let alone penetrate all the way down to the skin’s dermis where our natural collagen creates youthful structure. In fact, until now, the only way to achieve this was to get a collagen injection.

That is why the technology behind Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion and Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips is so exciting. For the first time, topically applied collagen can actually be functional in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Before being added to the formula, Murad’s unique collagen is broken down into its component amino acids, while maintaining the same ratio and arrangement as in intact collagen. Unlike the non-optimized collagen protein generally found in products, these collagen amino acids are small enough to penetrate into the surface of the skin where they absorb moisture to visibly plump up fine lines and textural imperfections.

Watch a short animation on how this technology works:


Listen to Jeff educate more about the ingredients that make this formula unique in the following video:

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