How To Build Strong Connections

Build Connections

Since day one, Dr. Murad’s goal has been to change how the world sees skincare (“skincare is health care”) through his pioneering skincare research and a Connected Beauty philosophy. One of the elements of his Connected Beauty philosophy is that to live a healthier and happier life, we need to build connections and hold onto meaningful relationships with others. The result: A more connected community (and world!) and you can start building towards that now. Here’s how to improve your receptiveness in your daily life and how to build connections that stand the test of time.

Knowing yourself: Having a deep self-understanding helps provide accurate perceptions of how you are coming across to others. To increase your self-awareness, make an effort to reflect on your strengths, values and triggers. A great way to do this is by starting a journal as a way to reflect daily.

Staying open to feedback + criticism: Those who are emotionally intelligent are receptive to hearing and considering others’ feedback. You may not always agree with others’ points of view, but weighing their feedback can help you recognize if your behaviors are having the affects you are intending.

Practicing mindfulness: Try to practice mindfulness in all areas of your life. Observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. You’ll notice an increase in awareness with clarity and objectivity, rather than allowing negative emotions to cloud your judgment.

Empathizing: Emotionally intelligent people are able to put themselves in others’ shoes. To do this, consider situations from others’ perspectives to better understand. This lets you connect with them more effectively, and may even teach you something about yourself in the process.

Active-listening in conflicts: Do you come on strong in arguments? Or do you shut down?  A positive way to tackle conflict is with a head-on approach in a respectful manner. Listen empathetically to the other person and you’ll create the space for taking your own thoughts and feelings in account.

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