DIY Flower Arrangements

DIY Flower Arrangements

By Carolyn H. Brown, Founder of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

Flower arrangements can be playful, romantic, simple, or created to make a statement. That’s the great thing about flower arrangements; you have the creative freedom to make something that is a reflection of you and what you like. However, it doesn’t hurt to know a secret or two that will help with your overall design and texture of your next arrangement.

Let’s get started!

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Select Flowers. First and foremost, and the most important step to flower arranging, is selecting the flowers and foliage that you want to use. Make sure that you select the three essentials that are needed for an arrangement, which are a focal flower (blooms that are your main focus in your arrangement), filler flowers (softer blooms and textures to fill in the space) and foliage (greenery, such as herbs, ferns or eucalyptus).

Establish a Mood. You want to make sure that you use flowers that reflect a mood or energy that you wish to create, so if you are looking to establish a put-together look, find focal flowers that are more structured, such as calla lilies, roses or peonies. For a wild, bohemian look, café au lait dahlias, sunflowers or garden roses are some options to work with.

Select a Vase. Next, find the right vase. There are many options to choose from: short, tall, square or circle. When you are first learning to create your own flower arrangements, I recommend using a rectangle- or square-shaped vase if you are looking for a structured look, and a circular vase if you’re going for a more bohemian look.

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It’s All About the Angles. Always cut at an angle. Cutting at an angle allows your flowers and foliage absorb water better and last longer.

Foliage First. Start building your bouquet with foliage. You want to cut them at different lengths, make sure that you take off any leaves, and clean up the stems before putting them into your vase. Bacteria builds up quicker on the leaves, so cleaning the stems will help your arrangement last longer.

Focal Flowers Second. Next, add your focal flowers. You want to cut the flowers at different lengths to create depth and texture in your arrangement. Blending different colors and focal flowers, and filling in your arrangement is where all the fun is.

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Filler Flowers Third. Lastly, add your filler flowers. Using filler flowers, such as wax flowers, baby’s breath or emile, is a great way to give your arrangement some texture and fill in the gaps between your focal flowers and foliage. Make sure that your filler flower is shorter than you focal flower.

Have Fun. From there, just have fun with it, and if you think your arrangement needs an extra sprig or two, go for it. Afterwards, find a great place to showcase your arrangement and enjoy!

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Photographer // Abigail Collins Photography
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Flower-Arranging Tutorial // Carolyn H. Brown of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE
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