Healthfully Ever After: What to Do to Take Care of YOU

What’s the world’s most valuable thing? Here are some hints:

  • It’s not made of gold.
  • You can drive with it, fly with it, swim and walk with it.
  • It’s something you rarely notice when you have it.
  • It’s something you really miss when it’s gone.

Did you figure it out? It’s your health! And no one can do more to take care of your health than YOU can. Taking care of yourself isn’t something you do once in a while, it’s something you do every day—by eating right and exercising, nurturing your skin and keeping stress at bay.

We all have to be mindful of making good choices and developing good habits every day. Replace processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Go outside for walk in the sunshine (don’t forget your sunblock and a hat). Find a reason to be joyful at least once a day. Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health approach to wellness embraces this concept, and encourages all of us to advance our overall health from the cellular level up.

Taking Care of Your Inside
Taking care of you starts on the cellular level by keeping your cells hydrated and healthy. The easiest way to do this is to “eat your water” in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Colorful, water-rich foods are full of antioxidants that support and protect cell health.

Taking Care of Your Outside
Your skin is your body’s largest organ—so do everything in your power to protect it. This starts with targeted topical home care and professional skin care services. And of course, sunblock. Even if it’s cloudy outside, you need sunblock because clouds block some visible light but do not block UV rays! Remember to use a sunscreen labeled “broad spectrum” to protect your skin from burning UVB rays and cancer-causing UVA rays.

Taking Care of Your Attitude
Stress can shave years off your life, damage your skin and steal your joy. Be sure to make time in your busy schedule for plenty of “me time.” You deserve a chance to spoil and pamper yourself. Focus on all the good in your life and always find time to do the things you love.

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