Mind Over Matter: Building Emotional Strength

Mind Over Matter: Building Emotional Strength

3 tips to help you build emotional strength


Here at Murad, we believe that taking care of yourself is crucial for your physical and emotional health. Just as you build physical strength over time, you also build emotional strength. That rings particularly true in moments of stress, which can have effects on your well-being, body and – you guessed it – your skin.

What makes it easier to get through stressful situations? Mental resilience and here are three ways to build it. Think of any of these tips as building mental muscle.

  1. MEDITATE FOR MINDFULNESS. If you can breathe, you can meditate. Whether it’s for ten minutes or forty, research has shown that regular meditation can defuse stress, lower blood pressure and increase mental clarity. It’ll also strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.  A top tip for Mindfulness is to start with the simple process of brushing your teeth – simply try and focus your mind on only on the act of brushing your teeth. When another though enters your mind, acknowledge the thought, stop, and refocus your mind.  This simple act of brain training, will kick start your ability to focus.
  2. KEEP CALM + COHERENT. The key to keeping calm in stressful situations is to recognize the signs. Sweaty palms? Racing heartbeat? Recognized. Now, consciously return to balance by taking five deep breathes. Then recall a positive feeling or memory like relaxing at a beach or taking a hike.
  3. HOLD THAT POSE. Any form of exercise helps build mental stamina, but particularly yoga. It’s about more than just flexibility. While holding a challenging pose, you might feel the need to stop. But through breathing and staying focused, you’re able to hold it thanks to self-control – which is at the heart of resilience. Remember: Stress is often an overreaction. It’s usually not the problem that triggers panic, it’s the significance you’ve placed on it. It’s a myth that you either have resilience or you don’t. It’s something that develops with practice and in time, becomes second nature.

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