Ready for a Brand New Look?

As a brand committed to evolutionary firsts, Murad is excited to unveil the brand’s latest update. But don’t worry – we’re not changing any of your must-have products. We’re simply revealing a brand new, bolder, more colorful side of Murad with all new packaging.

 Although our packaging may be evolving, our unique philosophy will stay the same. And our goal is to help our customers achieve radiant skin and maintain a healthy lifestyle inside and out.

  • Dr. Howard Murad

The bold, vibrant colors mirror our brand heritage of living a positive life for beautiful skin. And, they’re a subtle nod to Dr. Murad’s passion for Art Therapy. Just like efficacious skincare, supplements, and positive lifestyle practices, Dr. Murad incorporates art into his Connected Beauty philosophy and mission that radiant skin is preserved from the inside out.

Ever wonder which product is just right for you? We’ve put the benefits front and center. It’s easier than ever to select a Murad product to clear skin, target age spots, brighten…and beyond.

While we’re celebrating this exciting change, our core DNA remains the same. For 28 years, Murad has established a legacy for evolving ahead of the curve of consumer demand. A pioneer in cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, Murad’s high performance clinical skincare products and services deliver results that speak for themselves.

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