Murad YouthCam - Camera

Reveal Your Skin’s Past and Change Your Skin’s Future with YouthCam

Have you ever wished there was a way to see skin damage and aging before it becomes visible to the eye?

Murad’s YouthCam is a high-definition camera that analyzes fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, inflammation and pore size and anticipates the future of customers’ skin. Based on Dr. Murad’s decades of experience with thousands of patients, YouthCam’s proprietary software simulates a personal consultation from the Doctor himself.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A Murad skin health expert will ask you a few quick questions to determine your greatest areas of concern and the current state of your skin.
  2. YouthCam will then take a photo of your skin to measure the severity of the 5 conditions mentioned above.
  3. Your skin health specialist will then explain the analysis and can even simulate what your skin will look like in the future without proper treatment.
  4. Based on the camera’s recommendation, your skin health specialist will suggest a daily product regimen to keep the signs of aging at bay.
  5. This technology is a great service for anyone who wants to take a preventative approach as well as a corrective approach. It provides product recommendations that will be sure to address your skincare concerns, help you achieve your desired results and simplify your skincare regimen in minutes.

Don’t just take our word for it; read real customer testimonials:

“Even though I was a little nervous, I was also curious​ to see what the YouthCam would see in my skin. I liked that it not only showed me how my skin is now, but what I need to use to keep my skin looking young in the years to come.”
​-Jocelyn Lorenzo

“The YouthCam was very helpful in figuring out my problem areas and what my focus should be regarding skin care. It was simple and painless but very informative because it provides a list of products and instructions on when to use them.”
-Karla Andrade​

“The YouthCam allowed me to take a deeper look at my skin and see what is really going on. This helped me learn which products would benefit me the most. It is really nice to know that Murad can personalize their skin care line and philosophy to compliment my needs and cater to my concerns.”
-Patty Saenz​

A YouthCam consultation is complimentary and is currently available at Murad international locations, the Murad Flagship Store and the Murad Inclusive Health Spa in Los Angeles.

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