Murad ingredient Murasol - what is it

What is MuraSol™?

By Jeff Murad, VP of Product Development

As a company founded by a practicing dermatologist, Murad has always helped people to understand that the single best thing they can do to enjoy clear, beautiful, youthful skin is to protect it from sun damage. Shielding the skin from UV radiation does more for skin’s health and appearance than any peptide, vitamin, botanical antioxidant or special diet.

To help people get the sun protection they need, Murad has always defined the cutting edge of UV protection with innovations that have been years or decades ahead of competitive products and regulations. Murad has always used broad-spectrum sunscreen active ingredients, and it actually began validating this additional protection with international PA+++ testing standards almost a decade before the FDA officially promulgated standards to recognize products that help defend skin from the damage caused by UVA rays.

Murad also pioneered complimentary protection, infusing our sunscreens with antioxidant ingredients that stem damage by neutralizing UV-induced free radicals and ingredients that bolster the skin’s barrier function—its primary defense from all environmental aggressors, not just those caused by the sun.

We have always understood that providing this type of holistic protection is much more effective than loading a formula with enough UVB filters to give a misleadingly high SPF value. In 2013, the FDA agreed that there is no marginal benefit to SPFs higher than 50, capping the legal SPF claim for sunscreens at 50+. The fact is that an SPF 15 provides about 93% protection, while an SPF 30 provides approximately 97%, and an SPF 50 only 98%. It’s not possible to block more than 98% of UV rays with a sunscreen, no matter how high the SPF.

Understanding that we could not provide 100% protection, we began searching for a way to mitigate the damage caused by the 2-3% of damaging rays that are impossible to block. We soon realized that damage caused by the sun isn’t simply a result of ultraviolet radiation; it is also caused by the free radicals that these rays induce in the skin.

Having pioneered pure antioxidant formulas that diffuse free radicals on the skin’s surface, we began to investigate formulas to neutralize free radicals being formed deeper within the skin’s surface layer by the UV rays that cannot be blocked.

After much research and trial and error, we discovered that we could create a reservoir of antioxidants within the skin’s surface by encapsulating antioxidants in liposomes, microscopic lipid microspheres. This, in a nutshell (or in a liposome, if you will), is the key technological breakthrough behind MuraSol Antioxidant Defense.

MuraSol advanced suncare technology is now included in all Murad products with SPF (day moisturizers and sunscreens). Upon application, the liposomes penetrate deep within the skin’s surface where they release MuraSol’s proprietary cocktail of free-radical-fighting ingredients. These antioxidants lie and wait for any UV rays that get through the active sunscreen filters on the skin’s surface. As soon as a free radical is formed, it is diffused by MuraSol antioxidants.

So while we recognize that we will never be able to block 100% of the sun’s rays, we can protect the skin from the damaging free radicals those rays that do reach the skin produce.


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