A Few Thoughts from Dr. Murad About his New App

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve launched a new app to help people on their Inclusive Health journeys by sharing my art and insights.  It’s called “Dr. Murad’s Inspirations”. When you download the app to your phone, you are greeted everyday with a fresh insight linked to an image of one of my paintings. There are a number of ways I hope this app will help people.

First, the art. As I have said before, life is art. Living is a creative undertaking and each new day presents us with a blank canvas–it’s up to us to fill it with shapes, colors, work, play, and joy. For me, the correlation between life and art also goes well beyond this and into the world of medicine.

I’ve seen first hand the health benefits my own patients achieve from creating art and as you may know, I now encourage many of my patients to apply art therapy as part of the treatment process. Resulting benefits include stress reduction, enhanced cognitive skills, pain reduction and an improved sense of wellbeing.

I paint because I love to roll up my sleeves and get creative–and because I personally have experienced many of the same health benefits as my patients have through art therapy.  I also love to share my art with others to inspire them to create art of their own.

Like the art, my insights – sayings inspired by my experience treating patients that I have written and compiled over the years – now play an essential role in the Inclusive Health treatment program. When I’m treating a patient, I always share three or four of my insights with them. You can never tell which of the sayings they are likely to find most meaningful, but they nearly always take one or another of them to heart. When people are introduced to these concepts and begin to incorporate them into their lives, they don’t just look younger, they act and feel younger, too.

I’m excited about the new app because now I can share these insights on a daily basis with people all over the world, not just here at my medical practice.

It may seem ironic that the tools used to receive these empowering daily messages and art are our smart phones and tablets – devices that typically contribute to our daily Cultural Stress. But that, in many ways, is the point. I felt the app would be a wonderful way to put these devices to truly good used but loading them with inspiring words and art to give people a daily dose of Youth Building.

Youth Building is about acting the way you did when you felt completely free from the scrutiny of others, free to take risks, free to put your fingers in the paint and get messy, so to speak. It’s about being willing to enjoy life and go wherever it takes you, about a willingness to look at your surroundings and the world itself with fresh eyes—not unlike the way a two-year-old might. In my experience, when you engaging in Youth Building, you can limit or reverse the damage caused by Cultural Stress. That’s the goal of my new app.

I hope that everyone who downloads the app enjoys at least a few moments of stress reduction and empowerment every day – and perhaps finds the encouragement they need to start on the path to a younger attitude and happier, more rewarding life.

Click here to download the “Dr. Murad’s Inspirations” app. I would love to hear what you think, leave a review or add your feedback to the comments area below.

Article by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a world renowned skincare expert and founder of the Inclusive Health movement. Learn more about Dr. Murad.

Watch Dr. Murad paint in the following video:

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