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A Joyful Holiday Season

It’s the home stretch! The last few weeks of the year can become chaotic, but there are ways to thrive even when you are under pressure and pressed for time. Wondering where to start? Read on for a few tips to stay relaxed and look your best amidst, no matter what the holiday season sends your way.

Slow Down.

‘Tis the season, and it comes with a mountain of invites. Pause and look at your calendar before replying; it really is okay to admit you can’t do it all! Instead of rushing around to multiple events, enjoy quality time with relatives and close friends by starting a group game like Pictionary. As an added bonus, this will mean less time to engage in stressful political conversations or queries about your current relationship status (you can thank us later).


We’re all hyper-connected nowadays, so take opportunities to unplug from social media. You can opt for a phone-free evening and devote quality time to your loved ones by scheduling a one-on-one dinner or a walk with an old friend or a relative to catch up.

Detox Your Mind.

Combat frazzled feelings with calming meditation sessions to stay anchored during the momentum of the busy holiday season. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, downloading a meditation app or finding a quiet place to sit and mentally unload stress will help you engage on a more present level, provide clarity, and set the stage perfectly for a serene transition into 2017.

make Healthy Choices.

While you’re in meditation mode, detox your body as well! Sure, those Christmas cookies were calling your name and maybe you snuck in an extra glass of wine, but partake in moderation – it’ll make it easier to get back on track with healthier eating habits once the holidays are over. In the meantime, hit a holiday-themed fitness class to keep your energy level up as you check off your to-do list!

Cherish “Just For Me” Moments.

Prevent burnout by scheduling rejuvenating “me time” just like all of your other events. You can indulge in small acts of self-care by getting a chic manicure or starting a new book. Work these moments into your event prep routine by drawing a relaxing bath and slathering on our Age-Diffusing Firming Mask. Finish up by applying our luxurious Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture to battle harsh winter weather.

Give Back.

Get in the spirit of the holiday season by giving back to your community. Share in abundance by volunteering with your friends and family to create a fulfilling experience that you can reminiscence over for years to come. It could be as simple as cleaning out a closet and donating clothing or as involved as food prepping at a shelter!

Have Fun.

We can all become caught up in the busyness of the holidays, but we can’t forget the season is rooted in joy. Enjoy this special time and forge new connections, create sweet moments with old friends, and embrace the last weeks of the year with gratitude to thrive all the way into the New Year.


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