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Barre to Brunch Refresh Regimen

Most days, the process of sorting through our professional, social and personal demands can be nothing short of daunting. After all, how many mornings do we find ourselves hunched over our kitchen table, desperately clutching onto a cup of coffee while we narrow our eyes at our calendars, determined to fit everything in? For many of us, the answer is far too often.

In our world of crammed agendas and endless opportunities, the question becomes this: how do we evolve into expert multi-taskers who constantly and confidently stride (or occasionally run) from one commitment to the next? The secret to well-rounded calendar bliss lies in a little planning, and a lot of balance between work, errands, and much-needed personal time to un-wind, reconnect and provide opportunity to invest in our health and well-being. After all, a new year now lies ahead, and it is entirely up to us to shape our path going forward.

So, “do it all” women, lend us your ears. If you’re determined to never choose between your Saturday morning barre fix and a well-deserved brunch with the girls directly following, we have a few tips that will ensure you never break your stride as you head from one event to the next.

Don’t sweat the sweat, literally.

Okay, so you’re expecting to work up a sweat as you point, bend, dip and stretch throughout your class. Don’t sweat it, because a simple hairstyle maneuver can go a long way. Prepare your hair for anything by fastening it into a braid, or even go the extra mile for your barre class with the tried and true ballerina bun. The braid will ensure your hair sports a tousled, wavy look following the class (improved with the help of a little sea salt spray) while the bun will transition flawlessly from ‘barre expert’ to ‘brunch chic’. If you’re worried about the quick transition, throw some dry shampoo into your gym bag to allow for a speedy refresh and volume-boost – and always pack a small hairbrush and an extra elastic, just in case.

Freshen up like a pro.

Making plans after your workout shouldn’t require a trip home. (Besides, who has time for that?) Before heading to your class, equip your bag with the post-workout essentials: makeup and body wipes, deodorant, perfume and body cream. Head into the changing room following your class to quickly refresh your skin with your favorite wipes, apply deodorant and a dash of your favorite perfume, and spread on a bit of moisturizing cream for a supple, healthy appearance and a light, fresh scent. ‘Up the ante’ on your go-to body cream with our Collagen Support Body Cream to give your skin a more supple and youthful appearance.

Perfect your post-workout beauty routine.

You don’t need to be a makeup expert to achieve a natural, envy-worthy look following your class. After applying a cleansing wipe to your face, spread a small dab of your favorite BB cream across your skin and use our MattEffect Blotting Perfector to instantly mattify, refresh and set your look. The translucent, liquid blotting formula will help to minimize your pores while playing up your post-workout glow. After that, add a pop of blush to the apple of your cheeks blended out towards your temples, a coat of high-impact mascara to your eyelashes, and finally a swipe of your favorite bold gloss or lipstick. With a few swift moves and products, you’ve perfected the classic, natural chic look that was practically made for brunch dates.

Dress for success.

“Through simplicity, comes great beauty”… especially when it comes to brunch. Dress for success by ensuring your look includes light jeans and fabrics and a killer pair of shoes to tie it all together. Our favorite combo? A light, loose blouse or T-shirt, followed by a pair of dark jeans and ankle booties or over-the-knee boots. The loose shirt will feel breezy and comfortable following your workout, while the jeans will help to nail the perfect “girl next door” vibe in a way our leggings simply can’t achieve. Lastly, the heel of the boots will dress things up a little bit, while you can choose to add some of your favorite, staple jewelry to complete the look. Our pro-tip? Always pack an extra shirt in case one wrinkles in your gym bag, because there is no harm in being a little over-prepared. After all, we accept the brunch we think we deserve.

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