Live Younger: Change your relationship with stress

Live Younger: Change your relationship with stress

Natural stress has helped to shape us as modern humans. Our hardwired response to stress makes us more alert so that we are better able to protect ourselves from danger and more focused so that we can complete tasks necessary to survive and thrive. The challenge we face today is learning to respond to an entirely different kind of stress we call Cultural Stress®—the constant and unrelenting stress that is a byproduct of the exponential increase in the complexity of our daily lives.

The last twenty years have brought an unprecedented acceleration in technology, higher expectations of us in every realm of our lives from work to family to community, and less and less time to take care of ourselves. Our connections to others have grown increasingly virtual and our social isolation has grown increasingly real. Time to sleep has become the ultimate luxury.

Cultural Stress is so deeply woven into the fabric of our lives, we don’t even notice it—until we look in the mirror and see the damage it is doing.

Lines and wrinkles of premature aging are visible signs, but Cultural Stress ages every cell in our body. We cannot change or eliminate Cultural Stress. But we can change our relationship to stress to blunt its aging impact. We can choose to live younger.

When you were young, you had a strong sense of self, you were in touch with your passions, you weren’t trying to be someone else, you didn’t judge yourself harshly and you were the most important person in your life. Living younger means recovering your natural resilience by reclaiming the joy of play and recapturing the vital energy that comes from understanding and celebrating your own worth.

Murad helps you live younger by activating youth through cellular hydration and by reinforcing all the healthy connections that are the hallmarks of a happier, healthier and more beautiful life.

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  1. Estelle Dana

    My husband has dementia and the stress level is great. I know is has had and affect on my, health, activities, diet, looks and life in general. I have been his sole caregiver for over six years. He goes everywhere I go. I do all the duties of a home except general cleaning. That includes all decisions, all Dr. visits (19 in Dec.) laundry, all financial responsibility. care for two dogs, take care of all house repairs….. I am 87 years old. For years I was always told I sure don’t look my age. Nor did I feel it. Now I don’t hear that as often. So I guess I am and feel my true age.

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