Keeping Your Mind Sharp With Cognitive Fitness Exercises

We all know it’s important to exercise our bodies, but studies are finding it’s as important to exercise our minds!

A study led by Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that “healthy adults who participated in cognitive training demonstrated positive changes in executive brain function as well as a 7.9 percent increase in global brain flow compared to study counterparts who participated in an aerobic exercise program.”

Furthermore, Dr. Bond confirmed that adults can lose “1-2 percent in global brain blood flow every decade, starting in our 20s” and that the study resulting in an “almost an 8 percent increase in brain blood flow in the cognitive training group may be seen as regaining decades of brain health since blood flow is linked to neural health.”

Being kind to your mind is one cornerstone of our belief in a whole-person approach to beauty and clearly science agrees. Keeping your mind active through cognitive training, or brain games, such as memory exercises, optical illusions, language and logic puzzles and pattern recognition and thinking, improves the lifelong health of one of the most important organs in your body.

These cognitive fitness exercises are especially beneficial to your brain health, which can play a role in how well your brain’s cells maintain their hydration (known as cellular water). Preventing dehydration in all the cells of your body, including your brain, is the key to feeling younger and healthier.

Just remember to keep your competitive nature at bay as these exercises are meant to be a form of stress relief and shouldn’t be a source of frustration. At Murad we love a good sudoku but the type of puzzle isn’t as important as long as it stretches your brain and forces you to think.

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