Conquer Cultural Stress

Conquering Cultural Stress by Dr. Murad

Cultural Stress is the stress of modern everyday living – a pervasive, nagging stress that can be constant and relentless. It’s a relatively new kind of stress that most people don’t even notice, largely because it has become so ingrained in our way of life. Unfortunately, it affects the entire body and can contribute to serious health problems, inside and out.

So much more is expected of us today and we expect so much more from ourselves. We struggle to keep up with endless e-mails, limitless work demands and ever-expanding rules and regulations as we cope with increased traffic and longer commutes. Cultural Stress also leads to less time with friends and loved ones and more time worrying about how we might possibly “catch up.”  As a result, we feel less worthy.

The good news is that there is a solution.

My research with thousands of patients led me to discover a health and life restoring system I call Youth Building –it’s a simple shift in lifestyle and attitude that can help anyone of any age return to the time when they were happiest – youth.

Young children, around the age of two, are free from cultural stress – they don’t judge anyone, they don’t try to be perfect, they are not critical of themselves, they are creative, and they think outside of the box because to them, there is no box!

In my latest book, Conquering Cultural Stress, I explore the science behind Youth Building – and how reducing the impact of Cultural Stress actually improves the way that the body’s cells function.

Through Youth Building, we can recapture the spirit of joyful living and return to the toddlers within ourselves. When my patients have incorporated Youth Building and Inclusive Health into their lives, we have seen terrific results. Cultural Stress is reduced and overall health is improved.

Beyond boost in physical health that Youth Building provides, a spiritual boost and helps you to rediscover joy and freedom. Cultural Stress is a problem, but it is one that we can conquer with surprising ease once we give ourselves permission to color outside the lines, enjoy big belly laughs and sing and dance for no reason at all.

Article by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a world renowned skincare expert and founder of the Inclusive Health movement. Click here to learn more about Dr. Murad.

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