Desk Duty: Staying Fit at Work

The benefits of exercise are nearly limitless; from being more creative to living a longer and more fulfilling life, it’s not too hard to find a great reason to get moving. But finding the time each day to sneak in a sweat session? That’s a little less easy to figure out. Fortunately, the 8 hours many of us spend at the office are teeming with opportunities to get your fitness on.

The American Cancer Society recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week, so grab a co-worker and counteract the hazards of sitting all day!

  1. Have a walking meeting during the times when you don’t need to share a computer screen or white board sketches. Fresh air and exercise aren’t the only benefits to taking your chat around the block: walking meetings have been proven to encourage productivity, creativity and, according to Harvard Business Review, “more honest exchanges with employees.”
  2. Volunteer to make a coffee run before your team’s next big meeting. Not only will you clock in more valuable time moving your body, but your mid-morning caffeine jolt might even inspire your company’s next great idea. What’s not to love?
  3. Downsize your water bottle! No, we don’t want you to drink less water (quite the opposite!), but periodic refills are a great excuse to get up and moving. Grab an 8 ounce reusable bottle and challenge yourself to drink 6 of them throughout the workday! 
  4. Move during conference calls by standing up and pacing, or stay seated and do leg lifts, knee lifts and toe curls. Or dial in a few minutes early and crank out some standing push-ups or torch some extra calories with jump squats while waiting for others to join.
  5. Put in some face time with a colleague by walking over to her desk instead of writing a quick email. Developing in-person relationships has been proven to reduce Cultural Stress, or the stress of modern living, making this simple encounter great for your body and soul.
  6. Set a timer on your computer or smartphone reminding you to take an activity break. Then get up and move!
  7. Squeeze in a lunchtime fitness class if you have a gym nearby, or catch up with a colleague over a brisk walk around the block. Mid-day sweat sessions are a great way to fight the 2 pm slump, plus working out earlier frees up more time to read that extra chapter in your book or catch up with loved ones after work.
  8. Park on an upper level and take the stairs, or grab a spot a little further than usual. You’d be surprised by how much these small changes can add up to reaching your daily steps goal!
  9. Start a fitness challenge with colleagues to see how many laps you can make around the building each week. Making healthy decisions throughout the day is much easier when you’re surrounded by people with the same goals, and it’s a great way to connect about something other than spreadsheets.

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What are your favorite tips for staying fit at work? Share them in the comments!

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