Winter juicing can be part of your post-holiday detox.

Dr. Murad’s Holiday Detox & Cleansing Regimen

Oh, the holidays – that merry and bright season that makes us forgo our diets, stress out over presents and fill up on seasonal treats. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get back on track, and they come direct to you from Dr. Murad!

Dr.’s Sayings for a Stress Detox

Holidays bring on more stress, whether you realize it or not. During the holidays, it’s just as important to take care of yourself: “Taking care of yourself sets the tone for your life and health,” says Dr. Murad.

Memorizing a simple affirmation can help you remember to breathe deep and stay in the moment. Here are a few of Dr. Murad’s favorites. Pick one to focus on depending on how you’re feeling that day:

  • “The best is yet to come – you just have to let it enter.”
  • “Forgive yourself.”
  • “Be imperfect, live longer.”
  • “Treat yourself as royalty.”
  • “Be comfortable with who you are.”
  • “Give yourself permission to say no.”
  • “Accommodate, but maintain your power.”
  • “Find beauty everywhere.”

Get Moving

Whether you’re traveling or having a holiday staycation, make a pact to go on a post-meal walk once a day. If the weather’s just too blustery, try a quick 30-second burst of exercise at the top of every hour: think lunges, jumping jacks or running in place. The trick: Make movement about having fun and it will feel less like exercise. Approach your 30-second bursts of movement as a toddler would!

Want more ideas? Check out our 5 Tips to Stay Fit Over the Holidays.

Layer Your Skincare

Cold weather steals the moisture from your skin, which is why you’re dry and itchy. It’s not enough to just increase your hydration. Gentle exfoliation is a winter essential, as it polishes off the top layers of dead skin so hydrators can reach the healthy layers underneath.

Dr. Murad recommends Rapid Resurfacing Peel at least once a week after cleansing. Featuring Glycolic Acid and brightening Vitamin C, it helps retexturize and enhance radiance without irritation. Follow with super-hydrating Hydro-Dynamic® Moisturizing Duo, our lightweight yet moisture-rich set that features Hydro-Dynamic® Quenching Essence and Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture, to lock in moisture for up to 24 hours. 100% of users instantly saw silkier, more supple skin texture.

Steer Clear of Extremes

That belly bloat might make juice cleanses really tempting right now. It’s fine to start a juice cleanse (consult your doctor first), but you can save yourself some cash if you trust in the power of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to de-bloat, reset and rebalance your stomach.

It’s Time to Re-Hydrate

Salty foods, sweet desserts, cocktails and wine are the universal menu for holiday get-togethers. Unfortunately, they all lead to dehydration. And during the winter season when the air is already dry, your body needs more hydration to stay healthy.

“Hydration should be defined by the water you keep, not the water you drink,” says Dr. Murad. Eating your water through water-rich foods can help your cells hold on to more water. In addition to drinking more water, sneak in water-rich pears, blueberries, lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes, the latter of which contain a whopping 93% water!

What’s the best way to stay on track with your New Year’s detox and cleansing goals? Write them down, then schedule some “me” time to review how you did each week. You can also use this time to determine what’s working, what’s not and what you’d like to try next.

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