The Best Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Breaking news you can use: Oily skin types need moisturizer. Yes, it’s true. If you’ve shunned this skincare step because your skin feels greasy just at the thought of moisturizing, then gel moisturizers are your new skincare holy grail.

What is A Gel Moisturizer?

Gel moisturizers are a popular new product that combine the lightweight texture oily skin types love with the hydration benefits of a traditional cream that every skin needs. They absorb faster, feel cleaner, and never leave behind a greasy residue. Many gel moisturizers are water-based and oil free, making them perfect for oily skin types. (Bonus: gel moisturizers also help plump skin for a flawless makeup canvas.)

Why Are Gel Moisturizers Great for Oily Skin?

Gel moisturizers maintain a lightweight, cooling texture while being loaded with essential hydrators even oily skin needs.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin?

To start, dry skin is a type of skin. Dehydrated skin is a condition. The difference between the words “type” and “condition” is key. Dry skin is something your born with; a genetically determined factor, similar to your eye color and body structure. Dehydration is a skin condition that develops from of external factors, such as hot showers, sun damage, and/or environmental pollutants, and using the wrong skincare products. Because dehydrated skin is a condition you can develop, it can happen to any skin type, similar to how aging skin can (and will) happen to any skin type.

Another key point: Dry skin is a lack of oil. Dehydrated skin is a lack of water—meaning dehydrated skin can still be oily. When skin feels dehydrated, it can flip oil glands into overdrive to offset the missing water. If you’re looking to hydrate and balance oil production to see less shine, a gel moisturizer is essential.

Here are some ways to tell if your skin is dry, or dehydrated:

Dry Skin

Your skin produces less oil and can look dull as a result
It absorbs heavy or oil-based products quickly
It can be flaky, and looks dry

Dehydrated Skin

You still experience oiliness or breakouts
Skin looks dull, and fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent
Skin can feel a little more sensitive than it ever has before

What is the Best Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin?

Meet the water gel that packs a punch well above its weight class. Oil-free Nutrient-Charged Water Gel contains revolutionary Cumulative Hydration-Release Technology that instantly locks moisture to skin and increases retention for up to 5 days*. It’s the only gel moisturizer with a nutrient-charged blend of 5 peptides, 5 vitamins and 5 minerals that strengthens the skin’s barrier for plump, baby-soft and smooth skin.

Nutrient-Charged Water Gel is inspired by Dr. Murad’s philosophy, Eat Your Water. “Don’t just hydrate, strategically hydrate. Staying sufficiently hydrated isn’t about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. When we eat more water-rich foods, we absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the nutritional structure of these foods. If eating more nutritious food helps our bodies trap and hold on to water, then applying more nutrient-rich ingredients will help our skin trap and hold onto more water, longer. That’s how the formula for Nutrient-Charged Water Gel was born.”

*Technology tested after 3 weeks of continuous use.


  1. Ana Johnson

    Thanks for bringing this new gel moisturizer for oily skin. I never heard this before. Your post is so informative. My skin is so oily. I would love to try this moisturizer. This blog is genuinely remarkable!

  2. Melissa Mellie

    Nice!! To boost aging skin, exfoliate to remove dead skin, use a nondrying soap, and moisturize often. Use over-the-counter retinoids to reduce fine wrinkles, or ask your doctor about a prescription version. Most of all, stay out of the sun.

  3. hemp

    The moisturize of your skin can be remove ,If you can use hemp oil after the concerning of a skin care doctor to solve this kind of skin problem and understand the procedure of applying oil on the body , you must also remember all the tips and tricks which is helpful to eliminate the germs of moisturize on the skin ,don’t move in the light of sun because the rays of sun damaged the layers of a skin and also the heat of sun increase the germs of moisturize on your skin ,So avoid to working in the light of sun and take care care of skin .
    Thanks .

  4. Karyn Elkington

    Love Murad products. I have very oily skin and could not find a product to control my oily ness until Murad ❤️❤️

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