Five Common Weight-Loss Roadblocks and How to Get Past Them

How to Get Past Five Common Weight-Loss Roadblocks

By Darren Becket, Health and Fitness Expert, Personally Tailored Fitness

You’ve started working out. You’re eating right. You’re losing weight and feeling good. Then . . . something happens. You’ve hit a roadblock, and it feels impossible to regain momentum. Here are five common roadblocks I’ve seen clients face time and time again — and five ways to overcome them.

  1. You’re in a Constant State of Stress
    Studies show that the body holds onto weight if it is stuck in a frequent state of stress. It may seem counterintuitive, but rest after long spurts of exercise can help the body burn fat. In addition to your regular workout routine, make time for a restful massage, a stroll in nature, a restorative yoga class or pursuits that help you relax and replenish.
  2. Your Eating Habits are Inconsistent
    For most of us, exercise alone can’t compensate for a poor diet. If you set an intention to workout three days a week, be sure to make a similar commitment to your diet. Shop ahead. Plan meals. Do you best to avoid mindless or unconscious eating. Our digestive system craves continuity and our full attention. This requires discipline. Whether you’re eating alone or with others, make consistency the focus of your attention.
  3. You’re Bored
    Have you ever made it to the gym only to lack focus and wander aimlessly from machine to machine or become so distracted by the TV show on the treadmill that you’re hardly moving? Yes, a workout plan or trainer can help. But it’s also important to choose activities that you enjoy. If treadmills don’t interest you, try a dance class. If you hate gyms, go for a hike. If working out bores you, do what the guys do: find a gym buddy and make a plan to train together.
  4. You Don’t Have Time to Work Out Every Day
    If you know that work and kids make it a major struggle to get to the gym, find ways to exercise that fit your lifestyle and routine. Turn everyday moments into mini workouts. While waiting for the coffee machine, do a set of lunges and counter push-ups. Or, before you jump in the shower, complete a set of squats and torso rotations. Movement every day is the key.
  5. You Set the Bar Too High
    Often, we start our weight loss journey by committing to short-term goals that are beyond the scope of our fitness experience. Most of our weight loss role models are paid actors who spend hours at the gym building and maintaining their chiseled bodies. Have patience. Commit to consistently and reasonably working at achieving your goals, and this too will all be yours.

Darren Becket is a health and fitness expert who loves helping people step into their potential for greatness. He works closely with clients to create unique programs to meet each individual’s needs. Personally Tailored Fitness includes personal training, massage therapy, stress management and nutritional services.

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