Meet the Expert: Kristen Robinson, Director of New Product Development

Kristen Robinson is our Director of New Product Development and has been with us here at Murad for seven years. We love her story about how she found her way to Murad (it’s all about solving a problem, combined with an extraordinary passion). And Kristen’s skincare regimen tips are absolutely priceless.

How did you become interested in Product Development?
I was motivated by my struggles with acne during my teen and young adulthood. Seeking and trying new treatments, countless trips and money spent on dermatologist visits and prescriptions, and observing what worked and didn’t work for my skin. This led me to a passion for all things skincare! Discouraged by my lack of progress at getting clear, despite the frequent dermatology visits, I began a quest to solve my own acne issues in a less traditional way. I placed a call to Murad customer care (over 15 years ago) and found immediate refuge. I was hooked! (Watch Kristen’s personal acne story video)

I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry, and after deciding not to pursue medical school, I sought a career where I could contribute to the field of dermatology without being a dermatologist. Coming from a small town, I had no idea a career in skincare product development existed, and I ended up pursuing a handful of careers: skin toxicology, marketing for a healthcare company, and even corporate event planning before finally pursuing my true passion. A long-time customer and fan of Murad, I decided to move to LA and contribute to the success of this company. Product development, specifically at Murad, allows me the opportunity to be immersed in and advance the skincare industry. I love approaching and solving skincare concerns, not only topically but internally and emotionally with Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy at the helm of everything we create. It’s truly a career I’m incredibly passionate about… that I’m excited to dive into every day. Product development affords me the opportunity for constant learning, researching, collaboration, and is never boring!

What is your favorite/must-have Murad product and why?
This is a very tough question. Acne Treatment Concealer in Medium – amazing coverage and it treats acne bumps with a dose of salicylic acid while concealing. I use it when a pimple or two creeps up and I love the fact that it glides on without looking cakey. Clarifying Mask sops up oil and grime and makes my skin tone immediately brighter and refined. I’m also a huge fan of our Professional Enzyme Treatment when having a facial. It’s my all-time favorite to keep my skin clear and fresh looking.

How do you embrace the Murad Vision; Look, Live and Feel Better Every Day?

How do you LOOK BETTER?
I look forward to my morning and evening skincare rituals, and never skip the opportunity to cleanse, treat and moisturize my skin with my favorite Murad formulas or latest prototypes to test! I enjoy professional peels and facials from time to time too… to keep my skin glowing and in check with the expertise of an esthetician.

How do you LIVE BETTER?
One of the biggest advantages of living in California is the access to amazing fresh produce year round and the propensity for people to live young here. The weather inspires and encourages healthful activities. Swimming, hiking, volleyball, biking, and more… all feed my drive to be outside, among friends, and to stay mobile. Also, camping is amazing in California—there are hardly any bugs! My husband and I also like to garden and entertain friends and family in our backyard.

How do you FEEL BETTER?
Aside from staying active outside, I regularly attend workout classes at Yogaworks that help my body feel better; whether sculpting classes, barre, pilates or yoga, I find at least an hour a day to escape work and daily demands with a good sweat. I also adore my family; they are warm, loving and genuine people with wonderful traditions and values. I speak to my parents, brothers, nieces, aunts, uncles, and cousins almost every day. They are all East Coast based, but I find time to get back home at least three times a year for a solid dose of TLC!

What is your favorite Dr. Murad Insight?
Be imperfect. Live Longer.

If you weren’t at work, what would you be doing?
TRAVELING EUROPE or traveling anywhere, without a doubt!! Taking in the history, culture, food, excitement and adventure. Discovering, learning, meeting new people and expanding my imagination. Travel is always a stimulating breath of fresh air for me, opens new perspective and gets new neurons firing. Next to skincare, it is my biggest passion.

Have you experienced transformation (whether personal or career) while working at Murad?
Yes, I’ve experienced great growth both professionally and personally while working at Murad. I’ve learned better balance in my approach to work; staying strategic and calculated yet being less rigid and square; to take chances and be more open to creativity and risk taking, and that things cannot always be black and white. A bit of grey is OK sometimes! Also many key milestones have occurred for me while here at Murad: marriage, home ownership and now motherhood with a baby on the way this October!

Can you share a few tips to help our readers protect their skin during the summer months?
I encourage readers to transform their approach to skincare. Make it an enjoyable beautifying ritual, not a chore or a bore. Take in the refreshing aroma while cleansing, take a few extra seconds to use a massage technique during application of products, take this time to care for yourself and find products that best suit your preferences and skincare needs and you’ll reap the benefits of a proper skincare regimen.

Especially for SPF, find one that suits you. Do you like the feel of a light weight fluid (like Balancing Moisturizer SPF 15) or a more cushioning luxurious cream (Age Balancing Day Moisture SPF 30)? Do you want a matte (Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15) or dewy finish? Find a sunscreen you love, that feels good on your skin, and one that you enjoy using so you won’t hesitate to reapply as needed and enjoy the experience of using it. One of my favorite Murad SPFs (for beach bag, sports, car and purse) is our Essential C Sun Balm SPF 35. It’s easy to use and glides on over my makeup for sun protection touch up. The investment you make now to protect your skin will pay off!

Kristen, we couldn’t have asked for a better tutorial on skincare… from one of our top-notch experts here at Murad. To all of our readers, we hope you will consider trying some of these products that Kristen recommends to transform your skincare regimen. And congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy Kristen! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration.


  1. Melody Neely

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I too started breaking out in the seventh grade! I ended up with cystic acne and would not want to leave the house! I had acne all over my chest and back too!! When I was in my early twenties and making my own money I went to a dermatologist and spent the next 13 years on antibiotics and tropicals. I found Murad fifthteen years ago and it has been a life changer. Friends and family have not always understood my obsession with my skin but of every one I know I was the only one to get acne. None of my three sisters have ever had even a small breakout!! I am fifty nine now and still have breakouts but I have my Murad and I am living life without the pain that acne caused. Thanks again for your testimony…you made my day!!

    1. Kristen

      Dear Melody, I am so pleased to be able to share my story with you and others to offer any inspiration or affirmation that, yes, acne is physically and mentally consuming! My 2 brothers had porcelain skin and my girlfriends could go days w/o washing their faces and reapply makeup as often as they desired. It formed and fueled my desire to be in the skincare industry as a lifelong passion. Murad products not only helped my skin but they weren’t harsh like topical prescriptions I’d tried and they smelled and felt so lovely! Thanks for sharing your story! I’m so glad you were able to find relief and find Murad! Best Regards, Kristen

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