2018 New Year's Resolutions: Resolve to treat yourself right

Resolve to Eat, Sleep and Treat Yourself Right

It takes 21 days to form a habit — meaning in less than a month, a New Year’s resolution that seemed like an imposition will feel more routine. While there’s nothing wrong with setting big goals for 2018, we encourage you to start small by making simple changes that will make you look and feel younger! Then you’ll be 100% prepared to take on 2018’s big goals. (Hello, half marathon!)

Eat Right

How do you stop coveting sweets and start craving colorful produce? Add at least one fruit or vegetable to every meal and your tastebuds will start to shift. Mix blueberries into oatmeal, add broccoli to your lunch wrap and sneak in an after-dinner sweet with a handful of strawberries.

Remember: start small. When it comes to changing food habits, Dr. Murad recommends making “additions rather than deletions to your lifestyle at the start.”

If you just don’t have time to whip up a nutrient-dense, water-rich meal, try Dr. Murad’s Glowing Goji Berry Smoothie, full of nutrients that keep you glowing and going.

Murad Goji Berry Smoothie is a great way to resolve to treat yourself right

Resolve to Sleep Right

Tired of being told you look tired? Sleep-deprived skin shows up on your face as dark circles, under-eye bags, dryness and even fine lines and acne breakouts.

Damage done to skin during the day is repaired at night. When you’re at rest, your body goes into detox, repair and recovery mode, cleaning out and recharging from the inside out. That’s why sleep is essential to healthy skin — and a healthy body and mind.

FACT: The face appears 2.5 years younger on people who fall asleep within 1 hour.

If you toss and turn, ingredients like melatonin in Beauty RESTore Sleep Oral Spray can help promote deep, restful sleep. Taken one hour before bedtime, melatonin can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm to promote more deep, restful sleep.

As Dr. Murad says, “Once you establish better bedtime habits to encourage rejuvenating sleep, you won’t want to go back to earlier habits that keep you sleep deprived, moody and chronically stressed out.”

Resolve to Treat Yourself Right

Quite possibly the easiest resolution to keep! A 10-minute weekly mask is the combines downtime with rejuvenation time. Take our quick quiz to reveal the mask for your skin type.

Start That Skincare Routine and Simplify Your Life

Did you know your skincare routine can actually save you time in the AM? Things like two-in-one cleansing exfoliators and makeup primers with anti-aging benefits simplify your responsibilities without skimping on results.

We recommend AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, which polishes away dullness with three exfoliating agents while cleansing away impurities.

Get makeup on faster and smoother with Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ to blur imperfections while creating the ultimate invisible makeup base. These multi-action products can shave minutes off your morning prep routine, giving you more time to do things like updating your journal (or, let’s be real, washing the dishes from last night’s dinner).


Invisiblur also helps you keep another resolution we definitely recommend: wearing SPF daily.

Make a Resolution to Write it Down

Logging your achievements and resolution wins is a great way to stay motivated. Whether big or small, keeping a journal helps you see your progress, and will probably inspire new goals!


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