Sleeping Beauty: Q&A with Doctor Murad.

Sleeping Beauty: Q&A with Doctor Murad

In our always-on world, getting enough sleep is one of the biggest challenges we face. To help us catch the Zzz’s we all so desperately need, Dr. Murad has formulated our revolutionary Beauty RESTore Sleep Oral Spray, a formula that delivers key neuro-nutrients for better sleep. GABA and L-Theanine help you de-stress and relax while Melatonin regulates your body’s circadian rhythm, promoting deep, restful sleep.

To celebrate our next chapter in Internal Skincare solutions, we’ve asked Doctor Murad if you can really tell if someone has had enough sleep and what damage is it doing to your skin.

can you spot sleep deprived skin?

Sleep deprived skin is easy to spot and it is something which I have seen increase significantly over the last decade in my patient’s skin. The most noticeable signs are bags under the eyes (dark circles) but, you will also see dryness, acne breakouts, fine lines and thinner skin.

What really happens to your skin when you are sleeping?

Damage done to your skin during the day is repaired at night. Your body is an amazing factory and when you go to sleep; the factory cleans up, repairs itself and files everything away. It is critical that you allow your body to process each day and the only way to do this is by getting enough sleep. The recommended amount of daily sleep is between 7-9 hours.  I personally believe that everyone needs to find their optimal sleep requirement.  One easy way to see how much you need is to look at when you wake up without an alarm clock.  Your body will never oversleep!   Since every cell in your body is connected, your skin responds to the amount of sleep you are receiving and reflects how much you are receiving on the surface.

Which techniques to help you drift off?

Yes! In addition to using our new Beauty RESTore Sleep Oral Spray, I have been reading Arianna Huffington’s book on sleep and I really like her approach to creating a nighttime routine.  For many of my patients, this routine includes breathing exercises or a gentle facial massage while applying their favorite overnight moisturizer.

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