5 Ways to Socialize with Exercise

Socialize with Exercise

5 Ways to Be Active with Your BFFs

Committing to a healthy start at the beginning of the year is common, but how many actually stick to their major health goals the entire year? Don’t let your 2017 resolutions fall by the wayside! We’re all aware that regular exercise benefits our health, but going to the gym solo isn’t always ideal (we’ve all fallen victim to the post-work slump). That’s why signing on for a new fitness challenge is better with a group of like-minded people. Involving a support network makes exercise more rewarding and fun. Plus, you’re doing your body and your social life lots of good. Keep reading for five group exercise ideas perfect for the squad.

Take a Hike

Ah, the great outdoors. You get to work on your tan and also fit in a serious cardio session with a group of friends right on the trail. In addition to a workout, you’ll reap the rewards of hanging out in Mother Nature. Go ahead and let go of your stress while communing at a slower pace.

Rock Your Body

The great thing about hitting a climbing gym with friends is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Working your way up any vertical incline makes it a cinch to achieve a full-body workout, whether it’s on an indoor rock wall or the real thing.

Who Runs the World?

If you don’t consider yourself to be a runner, then perhaps a great cause will motivate you to start pounding the pavement! There are plenty of charitable organizations worth running for, from cancer research fundraising to raising awareness about a nonprofit of your choice. Even if you’ve never participated in a race, joining a team with friends will help make training that much more of a breeze.

Puppy Bowl

Having a dog is a great influence on walking, but what if you don’t have a pooch? Well, get your pals together and organize a dog-walking group to the local dog park or beach! You’ll be doing your four-legged friends and yourself a big healthy favor.

Dancing Queen

Dance like everyone’s watching…because they are, and it’s totally okay! Burn off some stress and let loose with friends in the judgment-free zone of a dance class. You’ll learn some sweet new moves for the dance floor with a workout like Zumba, tango, break dancing, or ballroom. Plus, you’ll work up a major sweat with rhythmic cardio. Now we’d say that’s a win-win.

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