The Acne-Fighting Power of Salicylic Acid

There are hundreds of over-the-counter acne products promising to treat mild to moderate acne and periodic breakouts. But the only products that can legitimately make that claim are products that have an FDA approved acne fighting medication. The medication that gives many of Dr. Murad’s acne formulas their unique power is Salicylic Acid. So let’s get to know a little more about this very special ingredient and why it is Dr. Murad’s choice for treating acne.

How It Works
Acne occurs when excessive amounts of dead skin cells collect inside a pore and bind with excess oil to create a plug. That plug creates an airless environment that is an ideal condition for acne bacteria to thrive. Salicylic Acid, a BHA (beta hydroxy acid), fights the breakout within the pore by helping to normalize excessive shedding of cells and excess oil production—the primary contributors to blocked pores and breakouts. Salicylic Acid also gently exfoliates the upper layer of the skin to help keep pores clear and unblocked. Salicylic Acid is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps to calm red, swollen acne-stressed skin. The combination of benefits that Salicylic Acid provides makes is ideal for dealing with today’s breakouts and redness and for improving the health of the skin to inhibit the formation of future breakouts.

Why It’s Recommended
Salicylic Acid treats, heals and prevents acne without over-drying or irritating skin, which can cause more acne breakouts. Because acne can only be managed through regular and consistent treatment, Dr. Murad has specifically designed his formulas for daily use.

Murad’s Acne Products
Murad’s Acne System is clinically proven to rapidly clear breakouts and restore smooth skin without dryness or irritation. Clarifying Cleanser doubles as a leave-on acne treatment. This powerful gel cleanser helps clear existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts by delivering time-released salicylic acid acne medicine that remains active, even after rinsing. Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment is the perfect on-the-spot treatment that reduces blemish size and redness within 4 hours. The non-flaking, invisible formula can even be used underneath makeup!

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