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When you see a baby or a toddler what are the first things you notice about them? A few months ago I went to a party where my friend’s 2 year old was there. He was adorable laughing and playing. We commented on how free he was, his lovely curls and the beautiful luminesce of his skin.  Baby and toddler skin is so soft, supple, bouncy and pristine – free of any damage. Several of us started to lament about the state of our skin and if we knew then what we know now would our skin look and feel better?

I think the answer to this is yes. We now know how important it is to protect our skin from sun and pollution damage. When you are born your skin is the most perfect version of itself. As we get older there are many things that can cause uneven skin tone. The biggest culprits are sun damage from UVA and UVB rays, including outdoor and indoor tanning. Acne scarring, hormonal changes and certain medications can cause darker pigmentation, too. The real question is how do we get our skin closer to that toddler-like perfection?

Dr. Murad has reformulated Murad’s White Brilliance collection to help us do just that.

There is a flower grown in Asia called the porcelain flower with pure white, crystalline petals that reflect light in an almost unreal way. Its name comes from the delicate blossoms that are similar to the finest of porcelains. The porcelain flower has been used in traditional Asian medicine as a calming agent, skin lightener, and to speed recovery of wounds and burns.  It has a natural composition of phytonutrients that work together to diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone. To this I say –  gimme, gimme, gimme!

The porcelain flower is featured in every product within the White Brilliance collection. Yay!

For a luminous, rosy complexion start with the Cleansing Cream. It has a rich, creamy lather that leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated. A blend of omega – 6 essential lipids helps to strengthen the skin’s surface barrier to keep hydration within.

Next apply Luminous Essence to help soften the skin to better absorb your next products like your serum and moisturizer. This is a super lightweight, watery lotion that dries down quickly and improves the texture and tone of your skin. Red algae and Indian Fig extracts help to exfoliate and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Kunai Root extract speeds up rehydration because it is rich in electrolytes.

Follow the essence with the Porcelain Serum. It contains 4 brightening technologies to help brighten the skin.

  1. Green Tea extract has a unique phytochemistry that helps to firm and brighten.
  2. Hexapeptide-2 is an advanced skin brightening peptide that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and provides an overall even tone.
  3. Hexylresorcinol reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots and freckles and is known to be more powerful than other skin lighteners.
  4. And of course the Porcelain Flower extract that helps to illuminate and brighten the skin.

Finish with making sure you are protecting the incandescent skin you are trying to achieve with Luminous Shield SPF 50 | PA ++++.  It contains Grape Seed extract to help neutralize environmental aggressors and light diffusing microspheres to diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even with a SPF of 50 it is still lightweight can help prep the skin before makeup.

A month after I started to use the entire routine I had people telling me how radiant my skin looked and asking me what I was using. There is no such thing as a time machine to take us back to when our skin looked bright, bouncy and supple, but using White Brilliance can certainly help you get as close as possible.

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